SUMMA Café – Gourmet, Fresh Coffee Delivered Instantly

eXfuze SUMMA CAFEIt’s Not “Instant Coffee”…It’s Fresh Brewed Coffee
– Delivered INSTANTLY!

Unlike vacuum packed ground coffee or instant coffee,
eXfuze SUMMA Café Coffee is fresh every time you use it
…not just after you first open it!

Introducing SUMMA…a great tasting, healthy, no-preservative, full-of extracts (not fairy dusted), truly instant, liquid concentrated coffee.

What is eXfuze SUMMA Café?

When it comes to superior phytonutrient extract technology, eXfuze is the clear industry leader. This year, we’ve added SUMMA Café to our best of breed functional beverage product line. What started off only as an ‘out of the box’ idea has turned into a new product, and a new product category, putting SUMMA in a class by itself.

summa cafe ingredientsTastes Great – Can be consumed black …it tastes that good
Mixes Well – no residue of grounds or gunk at the bottom
Can be HOT or COLD – meeting the need for the go-fast market
Has Patent-pending Technology – allowing it to be FREE of preservatives yet have  a long shelf-life without rancidity
Is a Healthy coffee – with the incredible Ganoderma mushroom in a liquid extract technology
Is Fresh Brewed coffee – with Green coffee beans, Garcinia Cambogia and Raspberry Ketones
Has Great Anti-Oxidant capability – because it’s freshly brewed, not ‘re-brewed’,  it has less oxidative damage than other company’s products*

• Great Tasting Gourmet Blend with Arabica beans
• Phytonutrient Rich with REAL Ganoderma mushroom extract
• Liquid Coffee with Raspberry Ketones, Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean extract which may help you lose those extra inches.
• Unique Patent-Pending Delivery Method
• Freshly Brewed with NO Preservatives
• USA Certified Organic, Kosher, NO GMO and Gluten Free

Right after the coffee is brewed, it is not exposed to air which is what causes oxidation. It also has NO preservatives, making Summa Café the ONLY healthy coffee served instantly.

summa-ingredients summa-usage

Dr Joe Guarnera & Jeff Pollard Talk About Summa Cafe Video

Summa_bottle_en2FREE Summa Café Coffee!

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Makes 50 cups of 8oz coffee!
That’s just $0.70 per cup!

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