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Whether you just want extra income for referrals via an affiliate program, work from home part-time/full-time or if you are a Professional Business Owner. Check out eXfuze. eXfuze is Affordable, Absorbable, Amazing Taste.

eXfuze empowers our Distributors to generate a rewarding income through the proven and simple method of Relationship Marketing. Whether face-to-face or online, at eXfuze, we take Relationship Marketing to a whole new level through social media, a state-of-the-art interactive website, video portals and soon, mobile APPS and training modules.We are constantly improving our back office tools, and are working to integrate just-in-time reporting and graphical interfaces, so our Distributors can see “where they are at a glance”, and then, drill down to the supporting Data to get the details on their business growth…or impediments to growth.

And finally, as a practice, eXfuze’s view of relationship marketing differs from other companies, in that it recognizes the long term value of Customer and Distributor relationships and believes in the transparency of the corporate team and mission. We believe it is imperative that each Distributor know and understand the corporate culture of eXfuze, and our commitment to serving with excellence and integrity. This is only evident in our Distributor Bill of Rights…an industry first of its kind.

Relationship Marketing Industry Facts:

$125 Billion Dollars Annual Global Sales Established in 150 Countries
Today Over 70 Million People are Involved in Relationship Marketing Worldwide and that number is expected to exceed 115 Million by 2020
Significant Industry Benefits:
Low start-up cost
Unlimited earning potential
No boss, You set your schedule
Tax benefits


As an eXfuze Independent Distributor (EID), you can purchase eXfuze products from your personal virtual office at ‘Distributor cost’ prices and then sell them directly to Retail Customers at the Suggested Retail Price which creates Retail Profit for you.

eXfuze has also provided a personal replicated retail website for Distributors. It is located at (www.exfuzenow.com/ yoursite) where you can have Retail Customers purchase directly from the Company at a Suggested Retail Price and you may earn a Retail Bonus Sales Commission on those sales.



Duplication starts here for both Challenge Customers and Distributors. The most powerful marketing voice you have in your organization is the satisfaction of your Challenge Customers and Distributors.
The Challenge 4 & Pay No More Rewards Program is the most rewarding program offering a disappearing autoship for both eXfuze Challenge Customers and Distributors.


Getting your own Personal Challenge Pak FREE* is easy. Just follow these simple steps, and eXfuze will send you your personal eXfuze Challenge Pak FREE*s each month as long as you remain qualified!
1. You have accepted the Challenge yourself and have purchased your Challenge Pak on the autoship program.
2. Have 4 people enroll as either a Challenge Customer or Distributor on an autoship to be eligible to earn Challenge Rewards Bucks.
3. Once you’ve accumulated enough Challenge Rewards Bucks to cover your personal Challenge Pak, yours will be FREE*.


Every Challenge Pak enrollment and autoship order of a specially marked 4PNM Pak from a Challenge Customer or an Distributor counts towards your Challenge 4 & Pay No More (4PNM).
Unlike other companies, every 4PNM autoship or enrollment Challenge order counts- right from the very first order! Every single dollar adds to your Challenge Bucks account.
For every dollar your Challenge Customers or Distributors spend on 4PNM Challenge Pak autoship orders, you will get 25 cents credited to your eWallet toward your Challenge Bucks.
As long as you are on an active Challenge, your Challenge Bucks remain active for one year from the date earned and will accumulate month after month. You may redeem your Challenge Reward Bucks for a Challenge autoship order as long as you are active on the Challenge as well as having four personally referred Challenge Customers or Distributor also purchasing** a Challenge on autoship. So, just Challenge 4 people and, if they accept the Challenge, you to get your personal Challenge Pak for FREE*.


Oftentimes as Distributors, people try to fit a person, who would really just prefer to buy products, into the “Distributor Box”. Not so at eXfuze; we have built our Challenge Customer Program to make it more profitable for you, and better for your Prospect, to have them be a Customer. A Challenge Customer does not pay a registration and back office systems fee. If they opt to go on Autoship, they can buy their product for the same price as a Distributor!

The Challenge Customer cannot earn any commissions, but they do get a limited back office and may refer friends to the eXfuze products and qualify for the 4PNM program! Anyone they refer, you the EID will receive the bonuses and commissions paid. This is better for you as the EID as well because, in addition to earning Binary Volume for these Customers, you will also receive a Challenge Customer Bonus for not only the first order from the Challenge Customer, but every single subsequent Autoship order thereafter!


*Product is free; you just pay for Shipping & Handling
*You May Obtain Up to $400 in FREE product per month
** Purchasing refers to fully paid for Challenge Orders that have not been previously qualified as free as part of the 4PMN

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