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eXfuze TESTIMONIALS from several of our customers that have purchased one of the Seven+ products. Testimonials change from person to person and my not reflect the same results for you as it did for other customers.

exfuze seven testimonials

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“eXfuze Seven+ has given me my life back. I used to experienced knee pain from arthritis that was so severe I couldn’t walk up the flight of stairs to my apartment. Now, even carrying my weekly groceries I can walk up and down those same stairs pain free. It’s amazing!”  – 
Mabel – Des Moines, IA

“I’ve been taking an ounce a day of eXfuze Seven+ for a couple of months and my energy levels soared. I’m a 65 years old retiree and the Georgia summers would really zap the energy out of me. Not any more. I feel like I am 21 again.” –  Don – Atlanta, GA

“I’m 50 years old and I have energy like I haven’t had since my early 20’s when I was running marathons. That was many pounds ago! Plus, I used to toss and turn all night and I’d often wake up feeling more tired that when I went to bed. Since I started taking eXfuze Seven+ on a regular daily, I get a full night’s sleep and wake up tin the morning full of energy and eager to face the new day. eXfuze Seven+ has changed my whole attitude about life! What an amazing product!” –  Sean – Cocoa Beach, FL

“I suffer from high blood pressure. Since taking eXfuze Seven+ my blood pressure is at normal levels and my energy has hit an all-time high. I take 1 oz. daily and will never stop! Thanks eXfuze!” –  Mike – Mobile, AL

“After taking eXfuze Seven+ for one and a half weeks I feel balanced and focused! I’m able to concentrate and I feel better physically, emotionally and mentally than I have ever felt my entire life!” –  Matt – Biloxi, MS

“After my fourth child, I experienced trouble losing weight and regaining my stamina. Taking eXfuze Seven+ accelerated my weight loss to a healthier pace and greatly increased my energy and stamina. eXfuze Seven+ produces results. But just as important to me as a breastfeeding Mom is the fact that it’s made from all-natural ingredients. Thanks eXfuze!” –  Nancy – Ft. Myers, FL

“I have had migraines most of my adult life with them getting so bad that I have been on Demerol, IV’s injectable migraine medication for home use. Once I feel one coming on they do me in and can last for days! I have missed more work because of migraines as I do not get sick normally otherwise. I have not had one migraine while on Exfuze! I am a believer!” –  Doris

“The pain in his knees from the Osteoarthrits is now totally gone! Also the arthritis pain in his hips is totally gone!
But, the thing we are most excited about is his Blood Pressure. He no longer takes his medicine for it and his numbers are perfect!!!! This is AWESOME!” –  Wendy

“I have been on it for nine days, and I’m seeing /or feeling changes on my digestion of food. I had Gall bladder removal last yr, and certain foods were not digestion on a normal rate. I been feeling great.” – Hector

“My arthritis pain in my right shoulder is completely gone, my herniated disc in my cervical spine (neck) is so much better, hardly bothers me at all! This in itself is a miracle! It has also helped my energy level, reduced my sweet cravings!! Elevated my mood, Increased my mental clarity (memory especially) Gives me much, much better sleep, and my vision has also improved!” – Carol

“Yes, I am enjoying the results of the eXfuze Seven! The biggest one being that my extreme hand eczema is gone!! And my joints feel much better and not painful at the end of hte day!”  – Ashley

“Juice helping periodontal disease? The reason I ask is that now I am drinking the juice for 1 year. I went to the dentist the other day for a check up, after 1 year. They did my “pocket” test to see the size of the pockets in my gums, and I was SHOCKED.
I used to have the beginning stages of periodontal disease when I had my kids, 15 years ago. I had scraping done and the pockets were 4’s and 5’s. Last year they were 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s….
The other day they were 0’s and a couple of 1’s!!!
This is amazing and they asked me what I was doing different, and I couldn’t think of anything, so I just said “I changed my diet”.
I did nothing different other than drink the Seven+ juice.” – Kathi

“I started drinking eXfuze Seven+ about 2 1/2 years ago. Since then I have experienced the following improvements:
· Lower blood pressure
· Better sleep quality
· Improved vision (my prescription dropped in both eyes by .25 and .50 and now has dropped again; I can see better without my glasses than with, and the script is +4.25 and +5.00)
· Controlled appetite
· Improved Periodontal/Gingivitis (no more bleeding gums)
· Improved mood/depression
· Breast cyst disappeared within just a few months of starting on it” – Teresita’s Mom

“I have had amazing results with eXfuze from head to toe. Being a type 2 diabetic has given me challenges for years with out of control blood sugars, headaches, stiffness in my shoulders, sleepless nights, swelling in my ankles & inflammation that kept me from being as active as I wanted to be. After a few months I noticed that all of these health challenges went away and I’m feeling awesome! No more having to wear orthopedic shoes. I’m back to enjoying life at its fullest! Blood sugars normal…blood pressure down to normal levels…stiffness and inflammation gone…no more headaches…and burning in my ankles is a distant memory. My skin looks younger and I don’t have the cravings I normally have struggled with. I adore this product. I feel everyone needs it, whether they get involved with the business or not.” –  Sandi

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eXfuze, Children…

“Recently, I had the beginning of a cold (not a good thing for me and my busy schedule). I drank an extra dose of Seven Plus and the symptoms disappeared.
Because it benefits so many areas of the body, I have everyone in my family on Seven Plus. The fact, it helps children who need spiritual and physical nourishment makes this product excellent in every way.” –  Janet

“Good health is a combination of many things with regard to nutrition and lifestyle. There is no such thing as a magic pill, but the closest thing I have found is eXfuze Seven+. I have my whole family drinking it, including my Mom.” – Marzo

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“At the end of this hour Alyxandria was calm and happy – she looked me straight in the eye and said “Well Mama, I love you”. And with that she jumped up and left to her room.”

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